• Image of The Great Salvation Limited Edition LP
  • Image of The Great Salvation Limited Edition LP

We are shipping records now!

It goes beyond saying that anyone involved in the local music scene in Eureka, California has either heard, or heard of The Great Salvation.

It is high-time we get this great record out to the world - on a thick and colorful piece of vinyl.

Luckily, we were able to salvage the original masters from the archive (archive being a nice word for James' garage), and have handed them off to Louisville, Kentucky's all around bad-ass mastering engineer Shelly Anderson.

Because of the mastering, this project will cost a little more than our normal releases. We are asking for $20. That twenty bucks will guarantee you a low-number record, as well as some other goodies to be determined.

A limited edition of 300 records will be pressed on psychadelic, multi-color vinyl, and will be packaged in full color jackets with insert.