• Image of It Thing Limited Edition LP Available Now!
  • Image of It Thing Limited Edition LP Available Now!

I am so happy to announce etown's newest release: Kensington Way Revisited by It Thing. It Thing is masterminded by my dear friend and long-time San Francisco lurker Mark Zanandrea.

Mark has played with several really cool bands including the The Androgynauts, which is my favorite band name ever ever ever.

Here is Mark's take:

"Just wanted to share my latest foray into the petroleum industry. Melanie and I recorded the basic tracks in my living room on cassette tape. Joshua Housh played bass. Wally McClellan mixed, and Nick Davis mastered it for vinyl. Melanie drew the cover. Kristy O'Rell LaFollette shot the back. Yuri Ono did cover design. David Lawrence shot the video. Working with close friends, on primitive equipment, using first takes and embracing the flaws is my favorite way to work. I could go on endlessly about it, and probably will, later, but for now, here's some rotating plastic..."

I was really excited when we talked about putting this record out. I was living in San Francisco with Mark when he recorded it. He never let me listen to any of the tracks at the time because they weren't finished and I think he didn't want to ruin the final deal for me. It was cool after all those years to listen to it for the first time together in my studio.

Anyhow - I'm proud to be a part of this record. I love Mark's music and am excited for the opportunity to help get it out there to other folks who I know will love it as well. it's finally here - It Thing: Kensington Way Revisited - pick up a copy and play loud!